Exhibition ”Made in Sweden” at NK Interior

During Stockholm Designweek Sara Ullvetter Design will be part of NK Interior’s exhibition ”Made in Sweden” at Nordiska Kompaniet.

– The Made in Sweden exhibition aim to draw attention to and highlight Swedish design, craftsmanship, innovation and local production. We want to pay tribute to and make visible initiatives that with heart and great care for the environment protect Swedish artisanal tradition and cultural heritage. We also want to strengthen the regrowth of Swedish design by promoting young designers and showing their way of looking at the present, says Kadi Harjak, CEO and founder of NK Interior and initiator of Made in Sweden.

Among the exhibitors: Sara Ullvetter Design, Atelier Lisa Hilland, DUX, Gemla, Ringvide, Simon Mattisson, Ingridsdotter, Bodafors.

Read about the exhibition here.