Amaranten Hotel, 2021

The concept for Hotel Amaranten was to anchor the idea of "a boutique hotel in large format". Shown here is the lounge in the lobby and two different rooms on the seventh floor. The lounge feels more like a living room in someone's home, with a relaxed and inviting feel. A wall has been put up to create curiosity and privacy between the lounge and the lobby. There are places for larger groups and individuals.

Natural materials have set the tone such as oak floors, ash in fixed furnishings such as wardrobes, headboards and bookshelves. Limestone in both a dark red tone and a shade of gray adorns the interior and floors of the bathrooms. The red limestone is something that is significant for this project and reappears both in the lounge and in some rooms. The walls are painted in different shades of plaster color that create tactile surfaces. The color choices are based on creating a contrast when moving between the rooms.